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I don't have anything major to say today. I've spent it with family and friends. I've been to a Christmas Fair (in November no less!), and I've come dead last in another game of Lords of Waterdeep (we love that game as you may have gathered). Instead, I will do a kind of miniature Saturday Showcase and hand over to one of my idols, mr Stephen Fry. The bravery, wit and wisdom of this man is unparalleled as far as I know. He is Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Clements rolled into one and kinder than all three. Please take a moment to read the quote and act on it. Depression isn't rational or reasonable. It doesn't strike predictably or in degrees. I painted a flower on a bucket for our wedding in the wrong place the other day. It's easily fixed. It's not a problem. I went into a guilt and shame spiral that would have had me in pieces were it not for the meds. That doesn't make a lick of sense. When I say be kind to yourself and each other, I mean it. I agree with Stephen, it's


Another event, another brilliant evenings gaming. I really do enjoy seeing something different on every table! Munchkin, warhammer quest, necromunda underhive, warhammer 40k, warhammer 30k and Underworlds. Hopefully another broad spectrum of games next time! :) #tabletopboardgames #boardgames #boardgamesnight #blackisleelemental #munchkin #warhammer #underworlds #necromunda #inverness


Aquesta setmana hem estat jugant a... Sabeu quins jocs són? #jocsdetaula #wargames #boardgames


I can finally reveal the secret 🙊 project I've been working on for the past 5 weeks. It was @yunitokie birthday 🎂 this week and I decided to paint the miniatures from Stuffed Fables for her. I had gotten her the game earlier this year for our anniversary and figured it would be perfect to finally getting around to it. Got a bit stressed and burnt out after a few weeks of painting, so wasn't able to paint them all. First up is Lionel the lion 🦁. This one was pretty fun to paint. I was amused by the grey chin. Hardest part was the tartan patch since I didn't want it looking like a bunch of lines. Nothing special in the reference art, so i just made the basing simple. Next up is Flops the bunny 🐇. This one also wasn't too bad to paint. Did my best to differentiate between the various shades of brown used. I made the basing look like a rug in the reference art. Next are enemies called Crawly. They look like robotic hermit crabs 🦀 that used old doll heads for shells.


Scrabble has not gone well for us today 😂🙈 #scrabble #nowheretogo #allthevowels #boardgames @jaycob357


I got to try Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra today. Played twice. It is different enough from Azul to warrant owning both. Stained Glass is a lot less mathy than original Azul, so that was a major plus in my book! 🎲 🎲 #azul #bggcon2018 #bggcon #boardgamesofinstagram #bgg #boardgamegeek #boardgamer #boardgame #boardgames


An amazing illustration by @adam.scythe! A Thousand Lives makes a beautiful puzzle and we can't wait to use more of his work! 🐝Preview Kickstarter https://kck.st/2CxuUum🐝 🐝Sign up for Updates http://bit.ly/buzzedp🐝 🐝Get more info buzzedpuzzles.com 🐝 #buzzedpuzzles #puzzle #jigsaw #jigsawpuzzle #rompecabezas #quebracabezas #puzzlelover #drinkinggame #gamers #adultgames #tabletopgames #kickstartergames #gamesforgrownups #partyfun #partygames #tiki #gaming #tabletopgaming #partyfun #games #boardgamers #boardgames #tikibar #tikitiki #homeactivites #datenight #kickstarter #kickstarterbusiness #crowdfund #indieagogo

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Arrange things advantageously... ~ Instead of envy, covetousness, fear, materialistic drive and want... before you try to trade-up, toss away or berate the life you find before you... always ask yourself - “how might I arrange the present elements for a better result?” ~ Then give it some real thought. ~ Might there be a way to shift your time, less or more, to better create the result? Is there some way to focus attention differently? Might we invest resources differently? Can we arrange the pieces of US in a way more likely to “win” the game? ~ The genius of a grateful mindset for example... is it encourages us to rearrange our perceptions BEFORE we run off trying to rearrange a vast and uncaring world... ~ In chess, this is the Knight - one of the last pieces a novice usually learns to employ well because of it’s unique movement. When ignored or implemented poorly - a player is much more likely to lose. It’s a piece that BELONGS in a “winning arrangement” and


THE MAGENTA COVFEFE OF AARGH!!! I really wanted and excuse to use colors I would never really use and I’m quite happy with the results #paintingminiatures #cmongames #zombicideblackplague #zombicidegreenhorde #magentacovfefeofaargh #boardgames #boardgame #zombies #coolminiornot #montypythonandtheholygrail


When you give up on Belfast and play articulate instead #stayingin #boardgames


#dicetopia to close the night. Neat, but quite chaotic with four players... #boardgames #spieletreffwillingen