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Crazy what can happen in a year! I’ve been so blessed to find a man who’s everything I’ve ever wanted and needed!! Justin Laning you are perfect!! 😍❤️ Complete surprise proposal....I had no idea it was coming! Best part was everyone was there to celebrate the day! #futuremrslaning #love #crazy #family

New York, New York

Some people choose to #share their journey, while others prefer to keep it to their self. Some people choose to struggle with #deppression , self acceptance while others try to find help. We are all #struggling with something. Therapy is always a good idea. Dosent mean you are #crazy. It just means you need to talk. Talking is amAzing. By the way I miss my mentor @flamekeepershatclub I need to drop by soon. Mark you always know what to say. Guys visit that shop it’s not just a hat shop it’s like therapy session filled with wisdom and culture. #nyc #selflove

Puerto Plata (city)

It's common in DR to dry clothing on barb wires #crazy #republicadominicana


Chester DeWayne Turner was born on November 5, 1966 ( making him a Scorpio) in Warren, Arkansas. There are not a lot of details about his very early life. His parents separated when he was 5 years old and his mother, Audrey Turner took him and moved to Los Angeles. She worked long hours to support them, but they struggled. Chester self-soothed by eating, so his mother was forced to lock the food pantry to keep him out of it. Chester later described his father as very strict and his stepmother would beat him for very minor offenses. His half-siblings bullied him, but he was forbidden to fight back or take any action to stop them. His mother said that he was not very successful in school; distracted by what other young men were doing in the streets of L.A. . . #sociopath #psychology #psycho #disturbed #mental #death #dead #info #fyi #knife #horror #torture #kill #picoftheday #mentalillness #gun #missing #crazy #serialkillers #truecrime #psychopath #cults #tcc #halloween


👾No Mercy 👾 - Bring back No Mercy, I want Blissters lol


🏀 to 👑 for the Slam!

New York, New York

There is always that one person who, all of a sudden, decides everyone needs a (tequila) shot!!! Are you that person?