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(Throwback picture) . . . . When was the last time? When was the last time you smile? A real smile that full of happiness. When was the last time you feel love? A love that never deceives you in the end. When was the last time you care? A care that no one can ask for. When was the last time you feel proud? Proud of being you and what you achieve. When was the last time you've been happy? Am I still happy in every achievements I did Am I still happy to those friends I've treasure the most Am I still happy to care of other people Am I still me as before? . . As the time goes by, every inch of me was broken. I'm losing all my hopes up. All my positivity. All my happiness that becomes sadness. It feels like I become a puzzle that losing every piece of mine. Like a boat sinking from the ocean. Because of the thoughts running thru my mind. . . But in the end I realize something, No matter how sad we were, God always be there. I felt his presence. He made me realize that it's ok to


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🎶Eu cruzei os vales O pó das terras-médias Para procurar pela terceira chave Para abrir os portões Agora estou perto do altar O segredo no interior Como a lenda disse, meu amado sol Iluminou os olhos do dragão; No caminho da glória Eu irei honrar minha espada Para servir os ideais certos E justiça para todos!🎶 #tumblrboy (Foi sem querer) 😂😂😂 #rhapsody #perfectboy


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What is your goal? 🏳️🌈🏳️🌈🏳️🌈 👬 🌈 🌈 👬 🌈 🌈 Feliz domingo mi gente!! ➡️ Follow me : @Proud.Gay photos If you are a pride GAY too 👬 🌈 🌈 ➡️ Great post by : @giophysiquepro


Put a ❤️ if you've accomplished this milestone in life. 👬 🌈 🌈 👬 🌈 🌈 Dads William and Nicholas 👨‍👨‍👧 became dads in October 2017 when their daughter was born via surrogacy. Here they are enjoying  a lunch break at Madison Square Park, NYC. Thanks for sharing, @babydaddieswithhart! ❤️🌈 . . . ➡️ Follow me : @Pride.Gay life If you are a pride GAY too 👬 🌈 🌈 ➡️ Great post by : @gays with kids