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Pillars of Hercules at the Port of the Ceuta, Spain 🇪🇸.


Jealousy fact: is it normal? Why the heck were we born with the ability to feel jealousy or envy? And what we do with it? So, first of all, of course it’s normal. Whatever you are feeling is ok. No problem. Really. Now, acting upon your feelings...well that’s a different story, and some times it is indeed not cool (like cutting your sister’s hair just because she has nicer hair than yours). Jealousy was born into this world with as to push us further, and aim further in life, and to know we can dream of more. Understanding this can help you deal with the emotion it self. Most times and it will just pass as it comes, and there won’t be any need for an action or “work”. Acceptance of this feeling is one of the most important part of it. If you won’t accept it, you will turn to Medusa (and than it won’t matter who have a better hair...😉)💁🏼‍♀️ So accept, accept, accept. Whatever feelings you are experiencing, you are HUMAN, and a pretty cool one 😎


Une toute petite partie de ma montagne de livres ... en ce moment j'étais chez les celtes mais j'ai envie de revenir vers les contes et la féerie pour cette fin d'année. ( je vais me transformer en #newtscamander #norbertdragonneau 😆) #fantasybook #celticbook #mythology #mythologies #druidism #greekmythology #faeries #lesanimauxfantastiques #retourauxorigines #passionlivres #ilovebooks

Οι 12 Άθλοι του Ηρακλή θεματικό πάρκο / Hercules

Κυριακή 18 Νοεμβρίου, από τις 11.00' έως τις 19.00' *** Το πιο συναρπαστικό θεματικό πάρκο στην Ελλάδα, σας κάνει ΔΩΡΟ, ένα εξαιρετικό βιβλίο με πρωτότυπη εικονογράφηση, με τους 12 Άθλους του Ηρακλή (χορηγία @mevgalgr ) "Ηρακλής - οι 12 Άθλοι": εδώ οι μύθοι ζωντανεύουν κυριολεκτικά! Ένα πάρκο φτιαγμένο για κάθε ηλικία. Γνωρίζουμε τον Ηρακλή, τους Άθλους του και το τι σημαίνουν για τον σημερινό άνθρωπο, τη σημερινή κοινωνία και την παιδεία. . . . ***Δωρεάν parking, μόνο από την Πύλη Εμπορίου (Εγνατία απέναντι από τα Πανεπιστήμια). ***Τελευταία είσοδος 45' πριν από το


THE PHOENIX: SCORPIO'S HIGHEST STATE ♏ Classical discourse on the subject of the phoenix points to a potential origin in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians had venerated the Bennu, a solar bird, a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the soul of Ra (the Sun) and enabled the creative actions of Atum (the underlying substance of the world). It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris. #astrokitty #astrology #scorpio #scorpiosun #scorpiomoon #lunarscorpio #pluto #plutonian #zodiacsigns #phoenix #ancientegypt #greekmythology #scorpiosymbol


Bull Bronze Sculpture, Ancient Crete Greek Mythology, Greek Minoan Sculpture, Bronze Minotaur, Greek Mythology, Bull Statue, Taurus #art #sculpture #historicalsculpture #bullsculpture #greekmythology #taurusconstellation #ancientgreece #mythical https://etsy.me/2qRdBxt


#bookreviewsbyzinnia . Circe, by Madeline Miller Genre: Fiction, Greek mythology, Fantasy 🍃 A story of Greek Gods, myths and magic. The centre to this novel is Circe, the sorceress and daughter of Helios. She was able, by means of drugs and incantations, to change humans into wolves, lions, and swine. 🍃 When Circe discovers her powers, she commits a wicked act and is then banished to an island. What follows then is an account of her life on this island. There isn’t a plot, but a series of many incidents and how multiple Gods, mortals and myths are weaved into her life. The narrative is very compelling and keeps you hooked right till the end. 🍃 To me this book was a psychological analysis of a women. The character of Circe is so endearing. She is aware about her powers and that she isn’t the greatest. She faces ostracism, insult, abuse and more hate... Yet she has streaks of humility and sympathy. She continues to take control of her destiny and define her life. I


Hecate's Serpent of Wisdom. Black Tourmaline Talisman 🌙 . . The serpent, is an ambivalent symbol. On one side connected to the Sun, healing and wisdom and on the other side to the Underworld, the dead and the spirits . . Hecate is a primordial Goddess of the Greek Pantheon and daughter of Titans . . A Titaness Goddess with inhereted powers -from her parents - of rulership over Earth-Skies and Seas as well as the Underworld . Authorities no God questioned- not even Zeus ! . . In early ancient Greek fragments of literature, she is depicted holding the flames of Helios ( Ήλιος -Sun ) as a burning spear in her hand when visiting mount Olympus or the sacred crossroads on Earth , crowned with wild serpents and oak leaves . . . Despite the common belief, in Ancient Greece she was primarly worshiped in Athenian households as a protective Goddess who bestowed prosperity and blessings in any family manner . And not alone as the Goddess of crossroads, entrance-ways, light, witchcraft,

Lecce, Italy

#repost @lemuse ec ・・・ È arrivato il momento per noi di reclamare i nostri corpi ✨ Buona domenica Muse, noi dedichiamo questa giornata ad organizzare il lavoro che ci accompagnerà nella settimana che sta per cominciare, vogliamo essere pronte per voi il prima possibile 💪🏻 #lemuse #muses #greekmythology #femalebody #femalebodies #thefutureisfemale #newbrand #sustainablefashion #buonadomenica #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #sundaymotivation #startup


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