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The Dutch Perfection (Model, Actress, Singer, Geek) @stefaniejoosten alias "Quiet" on #metalgearsolidv the Phantom Pain. Thanks Stefanie for your amazing Work, now you're one of the most important parts on the Legendary Metal Gear Solid Series. But special thanks to the true Head behind Metal Gear Solid, #hideokojima . This Game changed my life. I played the first time Metal Gear Solid on PSX with three years. And now 18 years later i'm one of the biggest fans of this Game!!! Metal Gear Kojima Forever!!!! And Stefanie, we love you!!!!! #metalgearsolid #hideokojima #konami #quiet #stefaniejoosten #hideokojimaforever #japan #sony #metalgearsolidv


@konami , you have got to be trolling us. This is a blatant misunderstanding of your own franchise. The fans don't want this. I will not support it. Metal Gear was the greatest franchise in gaming, and you are ruining the legacy. The fans will speak with their money and go buy something worth their time. Stick with Silent Hill, dont spit in our faces with this. #metalgearsolid #notmymetalgear #hideokojimaforever #solidsnake #wewantact3 #phantompain


With the release of Metal Gear Solid "The Phantom pain" let us remember who made METAL GEAR what it is today and Konami productions I might add. Hidio Kojima is without a doubt the greatest story teller in video game history. His departure from Konami and his baby that is MGS will forever be the worst mistake Konami ever made and brings an end to the most memorable and epic saga in video game history. Your creative genius and naturally artistic talents that come from the mid and soul, will forever be remembered throughout the MGS series for generations to come. From myself and all your loyal fans all over the globe, we thank youπŸ™πŸ» creator and father of "METAL GEAR SOLID". #metalgearsolid #hideokojima #hideokojimaforever #solidsnake #creator #storryteller #thankyou #metalgearsolidthephantompain #bigboss #boss #snake #