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#swipe Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, friends, and supporters. ‼️ Every year we are excited about Thanksgiving. We call the plug but the plug don’t answer. We go all day without eating just to wait until 6pm dinner service. And we are starving and sober at the same time. TERRIBLE feeling, I know. This year for The holiday #preddiecooks decided to create a ‘Thanksgiving Starter Kit’ for my stoners and drinkers. (Two separate Kits are available for stoners ‼️) Stoner Kits starting at $30 include: *Dorito and Infused Nacho Cheese Dip *Choice of 1 Edible *Pack of Mint Gum *Pocket Hand Sanitizer *Herb Grinder *1 pack of rolling papers *Body Spray (Male or Female ) *1 Fruit Infused Water *1 Lighter *Drippy Funnel by @ drippypre $25 Drinker Basket Includes: *6 Liquor Infused Chocolate Strawberries *1 Infused Cupcake *Pack of Mint Gum *Personal Size Bottle and Wine Cooler *Corkscrew/Wine Opener


Strain: Pie Hoe 🥧🍒🍑- #spacemonkeymeds THC Levels: 25% - 29%⁉️😱 I or S: indica Plant Parents👫: Cherry Pie x GDP x Tahoe OG Description📝: Pie Hoe is the perfect choice for any patient who loves an indica relaxation paired with cerebral clarity. Appearance👀: Buds have tight structure with light minty green and purple nugs with sparse orange an brown hairs with bright golden crystal trichomes. Aroma👃🏽: The smell is much like its flavor, with a sweet cherry aroma accented by sweet earthy berries and hash. Taste 👅: Sweet cherry and earthy hash flavor, taking after both sides of the family. Effect🤯: The high starts with a focused euphoric lift that leaves you feeling slightly energized and creative. You’ll be highly aware of everything around you and pretty talkative, chatting with anyone about the little details of things that you notice. You’ll get a hefty case of the munchies as the high builds, although you might find yourself coming up


2 nugs bout to give me a hug 😎